RicVolt Datasheet

Parameter Specification Comments
Input Voltage 12V DC Supplied by a standard 12V DC power adapter.
Input Current Up to 3A Maximum current supported by the power adapter.
Output Voltage 1 5V DC Regulated output.
Output Voltage 2 12V DC Direct pass-through from input.
Output Current 1 (5V Line) Up to 1A Limited by the LM7805 voltage regulator. Adequate for most hobbyist applications.
Output Current 2 (12V Line) Up to 3A Limited by the input current rating.
Voltage Regulation (5V) ±2% Stable output under varying loads.
Line Regulation 3 mV to 50 mV (5V line) Maintains consistent voltage with input fluctuations.
Load Regulation 10 mV to 50 mV (5V line) Output voltage remains stable with changes in load.
Quiescent Current 8 mA (typical) Low idle current draw.
Dropout Voltage 2V (typical at 1A load) The minimum voltage difference required for regulation.
Connectors DC Jack Input, Terminal Block & Header Output Easy to connect, no soldering required for power in/out.
Indicators Power Status LED Visual indication of power presence.
Protection Features Short Circuit Protection Prevents damage from output shorts.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 125°C Suitable for a wide range of environments.
Mounting Type Through-hole/Surface-mount (optional) Flexible mounting options.
Compliance RoHS, CE (if applicable) Meets safety and environmental standards.

Notes for Hobbyists:

  • Ensure the input power supply does not exceed the specified current rating to avoid damaging the power splitter.
  • The regulated 5V output is perfect for powering microcontrollers and other digital ICs, while the 12V can be used for motors, relays, and other components requiring higher voltages.
  • Always verify the polarity of your connections to prevent reverse voltage damage.

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