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Introducing RicVolt, 5v & 12v power splitter for the Raspberry Pi.

Safely offloads 5v Pi power while providing 12v power to IOT devices.

Vancouver, WA (March 12, 2024) -- The RicVolt ( RicVolt.com ) is a small component which uses it's own 3A plug-in adapter. The RicVolt splits the power into both 5V and 12V channels. The device removes the need to use the Raspberry Pi 5V output pin. At the same time a pass-through 12v channel is available to power IOT devices.

Using a separate 5V power supply for a relay module or other IOT device ensures the safe and stable operation of both the Raspberry Pi and the device. aligning with best practices in electronics design.

It is common practice to use the 5V output pin to power external devices. The Raspberry Pi should only control the IoT device, not provide power. IoT projects can generate electrical noise and voltage spikes. These fluctuations might affect the stability of the Raspberry Pi, potentially leading to resets, data corruption, or other unpredictable behavior. A separate power supply ensures that the Raspberry Pi receives a stable voltage, maintaining optimal performance.

"I created the RicVolt to help me as a Maker," says Rick Valdez, creator of the RicVolt. "I no longer need a breadboard. The component replaces the breadboard for connecting power to my external devices."

The RicVolt uses the same type of 2.5 Amp or 3 Amp power supply as Raspberry Pi.

"Just pick up an extra power supply where you buy the Raspberry Pi and you're ready to go," states Valdez. "I have saved hours of time and simplified my Raspberry Pi development. The RicVolt is the missing piece of the IoT puzzle."

For more information contact Rick Valdez, service@ricvolt.com or call 786-202-5063.